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Herb Types

    These lists are excellent guidelines to determine your Herb Type -- In each list, there are a few traits in particular that are necessary to possess to be that Herb Type.

Gui Zhi = Cinnamon

        1.  Easily get cold

        2.  palpitations

        3.  fine, moist skin, easily sweat

        4.  joint pain, sensitive to temp changes

        5.  thin

        6.  fatigue


Ma Huang = Ephedra

  1. especially people who are robust
  2. edema around eyes, no luster in face, tired, don’t sweat, asthma, wheezing
  3. skin conditions
  4. don’t feel the cold at first, not until later when catch cold.
  5. warrior-types.

Chai Hu = Bupleurem

  1. Normal weight or thin
  2. Face is dark
  3. Tight muscles
  4. Complaints are things they feel themselves.
  5. influenced by temperature changes, ex:  when it’s hot, they’re hot.
  6. cloudy out, have chest oppression
  7. sensitive to noises, air quality, mental agitation
  8. emotions fluctuate, often depressed
  9. irregular menstrual cycles, breast distention
  10. nervous disorders, mental disorders
  11. on the outside, they look normal.

Huang Qi = Astragalus

  1. Flesh is loose or soft.  Face droops a bit.
  2. Sweat easily
  3. Lack luster
  4. Can eat a lot, but after eat, NO energy.  Take Huang Qi, increase energy.
  5. Tongue is big, fat b/c issue with blood circulation.


Da Huang = Rhubarb

  1. A lot of spirit:  can talk and talk, insomnia, headaches, dizzy, lots of energy.
  2. Robust
  3. Easily bloated.  Abdominal pain.  Belly is stiff like knocking on a water bottle.
  4. Constipated.  B.M. every day or every 3 days.
  5. Tongue = thick coating
  6. Tend towards high blood pressure, can have gallstones & kidney stones.

Shi Gao = Gypsum

        1.  Hot

        2.  Sweating, or don’t sweat a lot

        3.  skin is white and fine, person is thin & skinny.

        4.  Agitated

        5.  High metabolism

        6.  High fever

        7.  Constantly drinking, thirsty

        8.  Pacing

        9.  May have viral diseases, bleeding disorders,


Huang Lian = Coptis

  1. Agitation, irritability, anxiety   10.  violent temper
  2. Inability to sleep                     11.  mouth sores
  3. Strong, robust                        12.  enlarged
  4. Red face                                    pores/folliculitis
  5. Oily sheen on skin              13.  mental unclarity,
  6. Crusty stuff in eyes                   poor memory
  7. Lips are really red
  8. Tongue = red, old-looking, thin, dry
  9. Pulse = fast, slippery, strong

Gan Jiang = Ginger

        1.  mouth is very moist.  A lot of thin, clear saliva

        2.  cough or cough with clear and thin plegm.

        3.  vomiting or diarrhea – thin, clear, no smell

Fu Zi = Aconite

         1.  Pulse = thin, weak

         2.  No energy, listlessness

         3.  No affect on face when speak

         4.  Problems with vascular system

         5.  Fear cold.  Hands feel cold, wearing a lot of 


        6.  Loose, unformed stools.  Distention in abdomen, edema in lower legs.  Heart failure, kidney dysfunction, certain types of joint pain.

Ban Xia = Pinellia

          1.  Subjective feeling that something is not quite right, like:  nausea, vomiting, numbness, heat & coldness, stuck,  types of pain, itching, phobias, emotional imbalance, eating disorder, abnormal sex drive (high or low), sleep disorders, nervous disorders, something irregular with throat.

          2.  Strong                    5.  Emotionally unstable

          3.  Eyes have spirit.    6.  Nervous when go to doctor

          4.  Wear heart on their   7. Easily experience nausea

               sleeve, you know       8. Phlegm in throat, sticky.

               what they’re thinking


What Herb Type are you?

The Herbs each have their own Personality, just like you have your own personality.  You may be one herb type or a few.   Call now to make an appointment with Megan Marco to see what herbs you need to bring your body into balance.


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